Research and Development

With our Research & Technological Development Department, we use our acquired knowledge to turn our clients’ ideas into reality and to create products that meet ever-increasing market demands. We are constantly studying new textile possibilities using innovative techniques to keep improving our products and services, always ensuring the highest quality standards.

Sustainable products

Mixing our two passions – innovation and sustainability – we have managed to create innovative materials to keep progressing to a greener production. Biodegradable and recycled materials are now part of our product offer. We always ensure that the results are aligned with our high quality levels in terms of adaptability, support and softness before offering them to any of our clients.


To keep evolving and offering the latest products and materials to the brands we work with, we are collaborating with various European universities and technology companies. Sharing values and ideas with other associations and businesses has allowed us to create new materials and establish new techniques for the textile industry.

Play the Best project

This project includes the research and development of new fibres, fabrics and high-performance seamless garments. Play the Best platform receives the support of various NEXTIL GROUP production plants and the backing of two prestigious European universities.
We are constantly carrying out tests with both professional and amateur athletes, to improve the technical solutions of seamless fabrics and garments and adapting them to each sports’ training and competition demands.