About Us

EFA – NEXTIL MEDICAL Division is an established and innovative medical textiles production partner.

With more than 50 years of experience in the creation of highly technical compression fabrics, we are proud to guarantee the highest quality standards in medical textiles. We study the specific needs of the market to find out which fibres and fabrics with special characteristics are needed. Our MEDICAL Division requires in-depth knowledge of fabrics that reach a high level of both compression and comfort, giving the patient the right balance between support and relaxation.

We work continuously as a team to find the best solutions and to create the textiles of the future. We are closely collaborating with our clients to ensure we understand their individual needs to deliver excellent products and services that reinforce their brand values. Meeting their expectations and building a long-lasting relationship are our main priorities.


From our perspective, human capital is the most valuable asset we have. Our passionate, multidisciplinary team allows us to respond to all types of challenges. We have specialised, experienced, and motivated people operating across a range of fields, ensuring exceptional and distinctive work. The professionalism and great adaptability of each of our team members make our Medical Division a trustworthy partner.



We have long standing expertise in the development of fabrics. After more than 50 years of creating and producing elastic fabrics for a wide variety of clients, we keep learning new ways of creating advanced and highly technical textiles.

Our in-depth knowledge in this field has helped to overcome challenges and to offer our clients solutions for every type of need and requirement. Professionalism, reliance, and honesty are what have kept us progressing for all these years.


We are highly flexible and adaptable to meet the individual requirements of each brand and personalise the service accordingly. Our clients are closely working with one of our in-house Commercial Managers. They will provide customised innovations and supervise the entire production journey throughout the supply chain.

Their professional expertise and direct access to the different specialists in our facilities allows the Managers to constantly inform the client of the stage their order is at, permitting an exhaustive and regular control of the production chain.


NEXTIL MEDICAL Division is not only a fabric producer and manufacturer, but also a trustworthy partner to work with. We provide advice during the whole process and listen to our customers carefully.

Building long-lasting relationships with our clients and partners is a key part of our philosophy, and this is also what has enabled us to keep growing and building the factories we have at the moment.