We are experts in the production of medical fabrics and applications.

Our area of expertise includes fabric development and production. The supply chain for every garment is defined individually so that we can offer the most efficient method for all production, providing the highest level of convenience. Our client’s satisfaction is our highest priority, which is why we provide a personalised service and innovation in line with each of their individual needs.

We produce our fabrics based on 3 key concepts: quality, comfort, and support.


NEXTIL GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of elastic fabrics. Based on yarn composed of polyamide, polyester, elastane, and natural yarns, we design specific fabric solutions and offer patented fabrics designed for medical applications. Our equipment includes warp knitting machines from GG28 to 40, circular knitting machines from 28 to 44 gauges, which allow us to produce all kinds of fabrics. Our MEDICAL Division has in-depth knowledge of fabrics that reach a high level of both compression and comfort, breathable and sanitized solutions, providing the patient with the right balance between support, protection and relaxation.


We specialize in state-of-the-art seamless technology that we use to develop any type of garment. This unique weaving technique is based on specific circular looms, offering infinite design options for fiber combinations, colors, and fabric structures to develop comfortable and resistant garments that perfectly shape the body.

By considerably reducing the fabric cutting and sewing process, there is an optimization of the production, making seamless manufacturing faster than traditional cut-and-sew production.


We offer our clients the option to add special applications to the fabrics. Examples of these include technological applications for defibrillators, compression bands, insulating fabrics, antibacterial additives for masks, special applications for fabrics destined for use with burn scars that assist the cycle of healing, UV protection, moisturiser additives, and special applications such as Silvadur for specific post-surgical garments (mastectomy, lymphoedema, and, liposuction, among others).