At EFA – NEXTIL MEDICAL Division we pursue perfection in every detail, adding real value for our clients’ creations and their businesses. The production of these particular types of fabrics requires extensive expertise in the textile industry. Reaching the perfect balance between great support and comfort, as well as compression and the patient’s relaxation, requires specific machinery and a team of experts behind it.

Each illness and patient has its own needs and requirements, which is why we analyse every discipline independently to provide support where it is needed. We present options and suggestions to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with our products and services. Taking full advantage of our specialised knowledge and experienced team, we guarantee the highest quality in a highly specific market.


We use our equipment and human resources to create the most accurate prototypes and provide samples to present our clients with detailed information on exactly how the final product will look and feel. By making our clients an active part of the production process, we ensure that the samples and the finished garment match their imagination and expectations.

Quality Control

Our experienced Production Managers team is closely monitoring every garment from the design stage through to the final product. Our quality control method is highly organised to ensure every garment is examined and checked at every stage in the production process, before receiving final approval. We are constantly improving our quality control method to ensure we are able to fulfil the most demanding objectives.


We offer worldwide distribution of our fabrics to the client’s choice of warehouse or factory. The orders will be packed in line with each brand’s requirements before leaving our production plants and being sent to their different destinations. We are here to support our clients to thrive and help them as much as possible throughout the supply chain process.


Offering the latest technologies in our factories in Portugal, Spain and the United States enables us to achieve precise and meticulous production. Constant updating of our equipment and investing in new machinery is also a significant part of our group targets.